Why We Stand Behind Liftmaster Products

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Liftmaster is the commercial product line from the Chamberlain group. They offer best in class commercial products and are designed to be reliable, heavy duty, efficient and innovative. Their rail systems use solid rails on the openers and in general, they are made with heavy use in mind.
Choosing Liftmaster means choosing the best performing units. They have a large selection of garage door openers and products, and it is easy to find what you need to get the home security or building doors you want. We’re an authorized dealer and able to help you through the process from selection to installation.

MyQ Wi-fi systems are also Liftmaster products. These new products become a gateway to Smart home technology, allowing you to open, close and monitor your system from your phone.

As commercial grade products, their systems incorporate access control, entry management, effortless exits and optimized safety and battery-backup. New improvements are designed with decreasing noise-levels in mind and are marketed to apartments and other places where noise is a consideration.

Liftmaster is the premiere professionally installed garage door opener brand. There are over 4,000 dealers\installers nationwide in 240 locations and we are proud to be part of that network.

The company has safety and security in its heart- incorporating safety photo eye sensors and utilizing Posilock to electronically protect against forced openings. All remotes and keypads are engineered to defend against code hackers with their Security 2.0 technology.

They battery backup design means that even if the power goes out, your garage door will still be working. The Liftmaster garage door openers and operators have the longest standby time available on the market. This feature is actually being a legislated requirement in California after recent wildfires left residents trapped. In accordance with UL standards, garage door openers are required to have a safety release device – a red cord that hangs down from the track inside the garage – that manually disconnects the opener from the door in case of an emergency or power outage. Pulling the release cord and manually opening the garage door can prove to be challenging for the elderly or people with disabilities, which is why having a garage door opener with battery backup can be helpful.

Liftmaster products with MyQ have partnered with Amazon and announced they are joining forces to pioneer the next frontier of secure, convenient package delivery. Eligible Prime members are able to choose in-garage delivery from Amazon, increasing peace of mind that their packages will delivered securely.

If you want the most innovative, quality products then come see us. We support Liftmaster and stand behind them.

When you’re ready to install quality LiftMaster products, give Alliance Garage and Gates a call today at 817-422-5925.

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