Top 5 Reasons to Install a Custom Driveway Gate on Your Property

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Custom Driveway Gate
A custom driveway gate looks amazing, and creates an impressive feel to your property, but are they worth it? Here are five reasons why you should install a custom driveway gate on your property.
A driveway gate offers your family an extra layer of security. A driveway gate allows you to control who enters your property and provides an obstructed path to prevent break-ins to your home. The vast majority of thieves will hit the easiest mark, and a substantial gate to breach before even reaching your property just isn’t worth the work.
Sometimes you just want to enjoy the peace and quiet of a night at home. A driveway gate can act as a deterrent to walk-up salespeople and solicitors of any variety. It’s okay to pretend you aren’t home every now and then and focus on your family and friends.
Adding a gate to your driveway enhances safety for your loved ones. It keeps your children a safe distance away from busy streets and helps prevent your pets from wandering the neighborhood. It also helps keep the animals that belong outside your property out. A driveway gate is a must if you live in an area that includes deer, stray dogs, ducks, or even bears that travel through. A driveway gate with a surrounding fence keeps every creature safer.
Financial Benefits
Adding the extra security of a driveway gate means reduced risk of incidents, which means that insurers may offer you lower home insurance premiums. Combine these savings with increased property value due to enhanced curb appeal (what buyer wouldn’t love the luxurious look of an estate style gate?) and your new driveway gate is well on its way to helping pay for itself.
Custom driveway gates can come with full keyless automation. You can even link your gate to an app, and open and close your gate with your smartphone. Even better, some home automation apps can close your gate for you automatically, so you can’t forget, or even send you alerts when your gate is open, no matter where you are, around the world.  You will never need to physically unlock and open your gate, which means no getting out of your car when you come home on a rainy day, and no going outside to welcome your delivery driver on pizza night!
Once you look at all the pros, you’ll wonder why you didn’t install a custom driveway gate sooner. Give us a call at Alliance Garage and Gates, and we will help you make it happen!
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