Alliance Garage and Gates are highly specialized and trained garage door repair professionals. Having a malfunctioning garage door is aggravating and a nuisance. Call us today to get your garage door back up and running so you won’t have to worry about the safety of your home and the contents of your garage.

The technicians at Alliance Garage and Gates will diagnose any problems with the door and get it working again quickly. We use only the highest quality, longest-lasting door springs and other parts. Additionally, we will only send one of our own trained and certified technicians to your home. We never send a subcontractor. You can expect us to have your garage door repair done right the first time and on budget.

Your garage door is an important feature of your home. We understand the importance of making sure it is safe for the entire family. With that in mind, we use heavy duty, long-lasting parts in our repairs as well as our thorough safety inspection. Our safety inspection can identify potential repair issues before they become a problem. Call us at 817-422-5925 for Dallas – Fort Worth garage door repair and have peace of mind knowing your garage door and opener will work properly for years to come.

Broken Springs:

Broken Springs can happen due to normal wear and tear, lack of maintenance, over-usage, or extreme temperatures (high and low). We offer warranties with all of our spring replacements.

During the process of installing the spring, our technician will perform a 12-point inspection and tune-up ensuring your sensors are properly aligned, door oiled, track adjustments, and garage opener settings are safe.

Please Be Advised:

For your own safety, unless you are a trained professional in this trade, trying to replace or adjust your own garage door springs can be dangerous due to the high tension they are under. At the time of a broken spring please avoid using your garage door opener and don’t attempt to lift the door. Call us to immediately to schedule a technician to make a visit to diagnose your individual situation and if required replace the spring.

Door Off-Track or Cable Off:

Has your garage door closed on your lawnmower, rake, or car and caused the door to come off its tracks? Don’t worry, we can fix that!

For your safety, don’t attempt to fix this on your own as it can make matters worse.

Call us to schedule an appointment to have a technician come out and get it back on track. We will include a 12-point garage door tune-up with your repair and ensure your sensors are properly aligned, door oiled, make track adjustments, and garage opener settings are safe.

We warranty our work up to 90 days!!

Damaged, Bent or Buckling Panels:

Did the kids bend the door playing sports in the driveway? Did someone accidentally bump the door with the car? We are able to get replacement panels for most doors. Call us today to check availability for your model garage door replacement section. In some cases the doors can be also braced to keep from further buckling of sections if panels are no longer available.

Tune Up and Maintenance:

We recommend you have your door serviced and adjusted yearly with a tune-up. This could prevent you from having an unexpected, costly repair down the line.

Additional Services and Repairs

  • Our garage door repair technicians have over 20 years combined experience
  • We use OEM quality replacement parts and do not re-use parts
  • Upon arrival we want to make sure you have been provided with the best customer service experience.
  • Same day service generally available.
  • All parts come with warranties and labor generally warrantied up to 90 days

Quick Guide To Our Garage Door Repair Services:

Broken Garage Door Spring
– Call us immediately to schedule an appointment. Don’t attempt to replace the spring. The spring has a lot of tension which can cause injury or death.

Garage Door Off Track – Once off track DO NOT keep trying to operate the door or manually close it as in this condition its very dangerous and can cause injury if not handled by a professional.

Garage Opener Malfunction or Fail – Whether it be a mechanical part that needs to be replaced, circuit board or full replacement. We have over 10 different options for you to pick from.

High Lift Conversion – This is a conversion done with the door to allow the ability to fully utilize the space that you would waste with not having a taller door. We offer on site consultations for these conversion and they are great for the car collector with a lift in his garage.

Garage Door Rollers – has your door become louder, run rough, and/or not operating? Often times due to every day simple wear and tear your garage door rollers can get worn out from dirt and debris that get into the wheels. Keeping them serviced annually or semi-annually helps them last longer and prevents you from having to replace them. In the event that they are so worn they need replacement we have the supplies to handle that task. We offer warranties with all of our replacements and will give a course on keeping up with your equipment to ensure longevity.

Garage Door Opener Gear and Sprocket – Has your motor stopped opening or closing? If you hear the motor running but not going anywhere, chances are you might have a manually disengaged opener or the gears could be worn out. From normal wear and tear,no annual maintenance, or a rough running door. it can cause the main drive gear(inside the casing) or the chain sprocket on top shear. It is repairable but I’m most cases if has reached a certain age it might be in your best interest to replace the opener entirely. Give us a call to schedule a certified technician out to evaluate your garage door opener and we can give you options.

Remote Range Issues – Because we live in a day and age of technology Garage door remotes are susceptible to limited range issues due to low batteries, interference, or worn out circuitry. In case of a situation like this it is best to check batteries first and make sure you are pressing the garage door remote button properly so that the garage door motor receives the signal. If this does not fix the issue it is best to call and schedule an appointment for a professional technician to come diagnose the problem.

Out of Alignment Safety Eyes – For safety purposes it is required by law to have safety eye equipment on your garage door opener. This can prevent any injuries or unexpected interactions between something and the garage door. Even though we may not feel like we interact with this equipment there are times where this particular piece of equipment can come loose, out of alignment, wiring problems, or can be just broken. We ask and urge to check if this is a problem to make sure you fully know and understand how to re-align them, This can save you time and money. If not able to fix the problem give us a call.



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If you’re in the market for a new garage door, Alliance Garage and Gates can help you find the right garage door at the very best price. We provide the highest quality products and professional installation for all types of garage doors. Upgrading and replacing your garage door provides a noticeable boost to your home’s curb appeal. It is one of the most cost-effective home improvements you can make.


All of our 12-point tune-ups and maintenance include:

  • Adjusting your garage door springs
  • Lubrication of the door hinges, garage door springs, rollers, and bearings
  • Track adjustments
  • Replacing any missing nuts or bolts


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