If your garage door opener is on the fritz, lightning has struck it, or just needs to be replaced from old age, we have a selection of different openers to choose from. When replacing an overhead opener we include the newest up to date technology for easy usage. They all come with a wall station, safety eye sensors and some have keyless entry ability. We will honor all standard manufacturers warranties for professional series openers installed.

Belt drive  – If you are seeking the ultimate quiet machine for operating your overhead door belt driven is the perfect option to choose from.

Direct drive – Known as the Liftmaster Residential Jackshaft opener is a garage door opener designed for where you cant install a standard opener due to structure in the way or utilizing space above the garage door. Has option for battery back up.

Chain drive – Very durable, cost-efficient, and reliable.

LiftMaster 8164w

½ HP AC chain drive Wi-Fi garage door opener. Industrial-strength power. Durable, dependable performance. Consume up to 75% less power in standby mode.

LiftMaster 8165w

This Contractor Series Garage Door Opener is the ideal choice for value and reliability. Its durable 1/2 HP motor combined with an industrial-strength chain drive provide smooth, steady performance year after year.

LiftMaster 8155w

Durable, dependable performance. Belt-drive system for maintenance free performance. Easily connect to a home network with built-in Wi-Fi®.

LiftMaster 8355w

½ HP AC belt drive Wi-Fi garage door opener. Belt-drive system for quiet, maintenance-free performance. Reliable and secure with the convenience of built-in Wi-Fi. Ensure smooth, quiet operation over time with the Motor Vibration Isolation System (MVIS).

LiftMaster 8550w

DC battery backup belt drive Wi-Fi garage door opener. Ultra smooth and quiet operation. Full suite of smart home features. Works during a power outage.

LiftMaster WLED

DC battery backup belt drive LED Wi-Fi garage door opener. Corner to Corner Lighting makes the entire garage bright. Works during a power outage. Works with the Automatic Garage Door Lock.

LiftMaster 8500w

DC battery backup wall mount Wi-Fi garage door opener. Space-saving design lifts heavy doors. Minimizes noise and vibration. Works during a power outage. Includes myQ Remote LED Light and Automatic Garage Door Lock.

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