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Driveway Gates

Driveway Gate Services:

Is your driveway gate dragging? Has it suddenly stopped working? Do you need remotes programmed? Did a friend or family member accidentally back into your gate? Alliance Garage and Gates offers a wide variety of gate repairs and services that will ensure you will have a operational gate. 

 Driveway gates are a wonderful addition to your home, until they stop working! Over the years, your driveway gate will start to lean, the chain will become loose, and it may open too far or not enough. Alliance Garage and Gates will repair your solar or direct power gate to its original working condition so you won't have to worry about getting stuck with a non-operational gate! Driveway gates are exposed to the elements and subject to any ground movement. This can cause leaning posts, an off-track gate, slamming into poles and loud squeaking during operation. We can make adjustments to your current gate to ensure many years of seamless, dependable and quiet operation. 

When your driveway gate fails to operate properly give us a call to diagnose your problem. We offer various repair solutions that fit into our client's budget.


Alliance Garage and Gates can work on all types of driveway gates, including slide, swing, cantilever, and barrier arm gates!


We can also custom build any gate that you could possibly dream of! Check out a few of the gates that we've built!

Services We Offer:

  • Gate battery replacement
  • Circuit board replacement
  • Diagnosing malfunctioning mechanical items
  • Replacing gate hinges
  • Custom gate builds
  • Gate opener repair
  • Gate opener diagnostics
  • Installation of gate opener
  • Gate fabrication

  • Righting leaning posts
  • Replacing worn charging equipment
  • Battery chargers and solar panels replacement
  • Worn caster replacement
  • Programming of all remotes/keypads
  • Installation and repair of gate keypads
  • Squeaky gates
  • Replacement of gate opener