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Damaged, Bent or Buckling Panels

A garage door with damaged panels can seriously affect your daily schedule and garage security. Our garage door repair technicians are trained to handle a variety of garage door problems. After arriving at your doorsteps, they will immediately inspect and diagnose the problem, then walk you through the options before fixing it.

Damaged, Bent or Buckling Garage Door Panels:buckling garage door panels

Did the kids bend the door playing sports in the driveway? Did someone accidentally bump the door with the car? We are able to get replacement panels for most doors. Call us today to check availability for your model garage door replacement section. In some cases the doors can be also braced to keep from further buckling of sections if panels are no longer available.

Tune Up and Maintenance:

We recommend you have your door serviced and adjusted yearly with a tune up. This could prevent you from having an unexpected, costly repair down the line. All of our 12-point tune-ups and maintenance include:

  • Adjusting your overhead door springs
  • Lubrication of the door hinges, garage door springs, rollers, and bearings
  • Track adjustments
  • Replacing any missing nuts or bolts
  • Additional Services & Repairs:
  • Making sure the garage door opener's settings are safe

Additional Services and Repairs

  • We offer 24/7 service
  • Our Technicians have over 20 years combined experience
  • We use OEM quality replacement parts and do not re-use parts what so ever
  • Upon arrival we want to make sure you have been provided with the best customer service experience.
  • Same day service generally available.
  • All parts come with warranties and labor generally warrantied up to 90 days

Quick Guide to Our Garage Door Services

Broken Garage Door Spring – Call us immediately to schedule an appointment. Don’t attempt to replace the spring. The spring has a lot of tension which can cause injury or death.

Garage Door Off Track – Once off track DO NOT keep trying to operate the door or manually close it as in this condition its very dangerous and can cause injury if not handled by a professional.

Garage Opener Malfunction or Fail – Whether it be a mechanical part that needs to be replaced, circuit board or full replacement. We have over 10 different options for you to pick from

High Lift Conversion – This is a conversion done with the door to allow the ability to fully utilize the space that you would waste with not having a taller door. We offer on site consultations for these conversion and they are great for the car collector with a lift in his garage.