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June is National Garage Door Safety Month

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June is national garage door safety month! While garage door safety is important all year round, make this an opportunity to make sure everything is operating safely because more time is often spent in the garage in the summer months.

10 Garage Safety Tips

1. Make sure garage door opener control button is out of the reach of small children.

2. Do not let children play with garage door remote controls.

3. Consult the owner’s manual and learn how to use the garage door’s emergency release feature.

4. Visually inspect the garage door each month. Look at springs, cables, rollers and pulleys for signs of wear. Do not attempt to remove, adjust or repair these parts or anything attached to them. A trained door repairman must make adjustments to these parts, which are under high tension.

5. Test the garage door opener’s reversing mechanism monthly by placing a 2 x 4 board or a roll of paper towels in the door’s path. If the door does not reverse after contacting the object, call a qualified garage door professional for repair. If the opener has not been replaced since 1993, seriously consider a new one with auto-reverse as a standard feature.

6. Never place fingers between door sections and explain the dangers to children. If you have small children, consider a door with panels that can’t pinch.

7. Do not leave the garage door partially open. When activated again, it may travel downward and come in contact with an object in its path. This also impacts your home’s security as well.

8. While on vacation, unplug the garage door opener unit or use a wall vacation lock console security switch, which renders remotes unusable and is an optional accessory to most openers.

9. If the opener does not have rolling-code technology, which changes the access codes each time the opener is used to prevent code grabbing, be sure to change the manufacturer’s standard access codes on the opener and remote control, or consider investing in a newer model with more safety and security features that are now standard.

10. A new trend in home invasion is gaining access to the home by stealing the opener or car. Never leave the remote control in the car or with a parking attendant. Consider using a key chain remote and always lock the entry to the inside of your home – especially if your opener is programmed to your vehicle. It is a small inconvenience for safety and security.



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Garage Door Safety Tips

6 Garage Door Safety Tips

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With garage doors rapidly advancing in both materials and construction, garage door safety is still one of the industry’s main focal points. Read on for a few garage door safety tips!

So what can you do to ensure that your garage doors are performing to their optimal safety potential? Here are 6 simple checkpoints which will help assure that you will have one of the safest garage doors in the neighborhood.

  1. Check the Sensors and the Auto Reverse Feature
    If your garage door has an automatic opener, make sure it also has a functional obstruction sensor and auto reverse feature. Two easy ways to test this are to block the sensor and see if the garage door stops and reverses, or to stand outside the door and lean your weight against it with your palm. The door should stop and reverse directions when you apply resistance. If it does not, your auto reverse feature may not be functional. Disable the opener and call a garage door professional to service it. Do not stand underneath it, or place your hand under the door when testing.
  2. Check the Balance of the Garage Door
    You should be able to able to open and close the garage door smoothly, with the door moving freely over its tracks. If it does not open easily, or you have to use excessive force to shut it, it can often lead to accidents, since the extra force can eventually cause the heavy door to come off of its tracks, or cause the door to close with excessive speed or force.
  3. Don’t Let Children Play with the Door
    Do not let your children think of the garage door opener as a form of entertainment. To ensure garage door child safety, teach your children how to treat the door respectfully, and do not let them play with potentially dangerous pulleys, cables, or torsion springs that can catch clothing or skin.
  4. Do not let children hang off the garage door, or “race” under the garage door when it’s opening or closing.
    Children should stand well away from a moving garage door as well. They should not be allowed to play with the garage opener control at all, and if possible, it should be kept above of their reach when it’s a wall mounted version, or locked in the car if it’s portable.
  5. Buy a Quality Garage Door
    Purchase a garage door made out of sturdy, durable materials. Not only will your garage door be likely to last longer and be more difficult for burglars to vandalize, but having a well-built garage door will protect your family against mechanical failures brought about by flimsy construction.
  6. Perform Regular Maintenance
    Make sure your garage door gets regular routine maintenance to ensure it is working properly and safely. While doing your routine maintenance, make sure that the area around the garage door and its controls are well lit and free of debris.


The fact of the matter is, regardless of age, or construction materials, it is your responsibility to ensure that your garage door system is functioning flawlessly. If you are unsure, or just have questions, don’t hesitate to call Alliance Garage and Gates. Unmitigated safety is our standard.

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Garage Door Repair

Gorgeous Transformation

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Look how Gorgeous this transformation of last week is!!
We replaced these two doors with AMARR Mahogany Oak Summit 3000s. Giving not only the perfect contrast to the home, but energy efficiency as well.

Before Mahogany Doors After Mahogany Doors

Before Mahogany Doors

After Mahogany Doors

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Oak Summit Door

Completed Custom Garage

This 20×7 Oak Summit Door with recessed panels we completed looks perfect with the bordering custom stonework on the home.

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Garage Door Repair

Commercial Garage Repair

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We offer residents and businesses of DFW Commercial Garage Door Repair as well. Known for fast, dependable quality service at a fair price. Alliance Garage & Gates strives to be the best in the industry.

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Alliance Garage and Gates


We have some big projects in the works this week that we can’t wait to share with everyone.


Alliance Garage and Gates


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Severe Thunderstorms in DFW

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Do you have a Security Gate, Garage Door, or Garage Door Opener that may have been damaged by the recent thunderstorms? If so, give us a call. We can help! Any issues or concerns you may have we can assist you in solving.
We want to help you protect your investments.
Providing Superior Service all over the DFW Metroplex!Severe Weather In DFW

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Gorgeous Handcrafted Garage Doors

Custom Garage Doors




Completed Gorgeous Handcrafted Wood Garage Doors.
These custom doors were made out of (Clear Heart Cedar) which gave our customer the certain architectural look they desired. They were installed with LiftMaster 8550 Belt Drives with Battery Backup, which gives these doors a smooth and quiet trip down & up!

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Let us customize your home.

Damaged Garage Doors BeforeCustom Hardwood Garage Doors After


Before & After of an 18×8 and 9×8 Classica 3000 Cortona Closed Square in Walnut with Blue Ridge Decorative Handles.

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Alliance Garage and Gates

Alliance Garage and Gates is a local Dallas-Fort Worth business with the dedication to exceed your service needs. We take the time to properly identify your needs from minor repairs like safety eye alignment issues, replacing broken garage door springs, custom garage door replacement, gate service and custom driveway gates. We make it easy to make the most-informed decision with our on site consultation. We like to be your one-stop shop for all your entry access needs. From remotes programming to full replacement, allow us to be the garage and gate company you rely on.
Damaged, Bent or Buckling Panels – Did the kids bend the door playing sports in the driveway? Did someone accidentally bump the door with the car? We are able to get replacement panels for most doors. Call us today to check availability for your model garage door replacement section. In some cases, if panels are no longer available, the doors can be braced to keep from further buckling of sections.



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A HUGH THANK YOU to Phil at Alliance Garage and Gates for the awesome new garage door they installed today. They are extremely professional, and I highly recommend them. I had several estimates done and Alliance Garage and Gates was the best company by far. I have a 1954 house and the old garage door was falling apart. The new door is beautiful! I am extremely happy with Alliance Garage and Gates!

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