5 Signs You Need Garage Door Service

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Garage Door Service


Garage Door Will Not Open Or Close

Obviously, this is a clear indication that your garage door is not working. There are some quick steps you can take to troubleshoot of course. Check if anything is sticking out and blocking the sensor. Also, look for anything physically blocking the rails. If you are sure that nothing is blocking the physical motion of the rail pathway or the sensors, it is time to call the professionals. The problem could be related to bad connections between the door and control panel, or another signal issue.

Delayed Response Times

If you press your remote and it takes longer than a second or two or hangs at any point while opening or closing, there is a problem. It should open smoothly, with no catching or hitching at any point. These kinds of issues are likely more related to physical problems than electrical and they are serviceable.

Loud, Unexpected Noises During Operation

These issues are also mainly physical problems. It could be something malfunctioning in the rail system, like the rollers or the actual garage door opener. It is a good idea to have them inspected before the noise becomes a failure that will cause more expensive repairs or damage.

Visibly Off Track

Any time you can visibly see the garage door attempt to go visibly off track, you should have it serviced. Older garage doors or ones that have had damage occur to them will often come out of alignment. There isn’t a lot you can do from a DIY repair perspective. Repairs are likely to require specific parts or alignment equipment.

Garage Door Sections are Sagging

Large gaps that occur and break the weather seal of a properly maintained door can cause increases in your utility bills. It could also indicate balance issues with the spring coils. We advise checking once monthly the action of the door when it is disconnected and manually operated. A properly balanced door should be able to be mid-way opened and not rise or fall. The tension spring or other parts of the door may need to be serviced if this does not occur.

If you have any of these problems, don’t wait! Call Alliance Garage and Gates at 817-422-5925 today to fix any and all issues with your garage door!


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